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ROCK YOUR REENTRY! Making Re-Entry the Best Time of Your Life!

Reimagining Re-Entry – Super Self Care

How much Self-Care are you administering in the midst of the Re-entry or Relocation Journey? Time and again, I end up in conversations with people – mostly women I have to say – who are simply working on auto-pilot and tending to everyone else’s needs while quietly whining inwardly. Ultimately that bubble bursts out, often…
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Reimagine Your Re-entry by Engaging Your Intentions

Three Reasons Why Re-entry Can Be Prolonged and Painful a) Insufficient support All the surveys, studies and research point to the fact that everyone enjoys better results in Re-entry when they are receiving some sort of support. The support can be a family member who really leans in and listens well, an inter-cultural consultant or a…
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Re-Imagining the Re-entry of Your Life!

Use Your Memories to Leverage Your Future Amidst Re-entry Re-entry can feel like a birth canal – that’s because it is! It’s a process that has pain, relief, trauma and ultimately joy at the end. You are literally are in the throes of birthing the next iteration of YOU. This is huge. 99% of us…
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Anatomy of a Move

Arriving in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on St. Patrick’s Day, 1997, I was simply toast – as they say. Four moves in four years, two domestic and two international had squeezed some light out of me. Like a body each move seemed to take on a unique life of its own. Some of the moves were…
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Orly airport, outside of Paris, France. A lonely, scared 22-year-old sat on a bench feeling like she had just made the biggest mistake of her life. Distraught, she barely heard the last and final call for her flight to Yaounde, Cameroon, West Africa. She bolted into action and ran like the wind towards a future…
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5 Secrets to Calming Re-entry Conflict After Returning Home from Overseas

I felt I was choking – the oxygen I needed was draining out of my body. And yet my body seemed to be alive and well in one country whilst my mind took a detour into what felt like outer space. No worries – except that space felt more familiar, more normal and more real…
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Anatomy for a Successful Return Home!

I got to thinking about what a great metaphor our skeletal system is for returning home or moving in general. There are lots of moving parts in bodies. Bodies do better when they are flexible, strong and healthy. Our bodies house our spirits and require regular daily maintenance. They constantly need movement, feeding and watering…
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Another checklist you must be thinking – that’s the last thing I need amidst this process of moving, packing, leaving, adjusting, farewells, new hellos and adjustment. But yes, what if by reading and taking one tiny step this makes a difference – would it be worth it? Here are three of the nine checklist behaviors…
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Last weekend….. we spent three days in the fabulous city of Den Hague, Holland. Three days spent with approximately 200 open-hearted individuals from 29 different countries who appreciate and are skilled in juggling life, languages and liminal living around the globe and are connected by this multi-cultural community called Families In Global Transition. Three days…..…
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17 Better Questions for 2017

Are you interested in getting different results this year? that is are you wanting differing results from this past year? Are you interested in repurposing your skills, talents and resources to make your bigger difference in the world? Are you interested in life getting easier, more graceful and generally sweeter? If your answers are mostly…
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"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.”